Sarah B. Gajos, Annea Hapciu, Benjamin T. Miller, Xinke Peng


This poster reflects research conducted as part of a course project designed to give students experience in the research process.



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In the changing organizational environment, Doheny-Farina (1986) emphasized that an organization's rhetoric shapes its members and affects the daily practices of that organization. The purpose of this research project is to assess the daily written communication techniques used in the Center of International Programs. This analysis includes observing staff, interviewing staff individually, and developing a full assessment of the writing patterns within the department. The overall goal is to analyze the type of communication used and the specific traits that form the basis of written communication in the Center of International Programs and find areas for improvement. Participants must be associated with the CIP in one of two ways: they are employed by CIP and/or they have used CIP as a student resource. To continue the International Students and Scholars Services will be researched to evaluate the specifics and rhetoric of their writing and then analyze the differences to everyday English. To fully understand specific areas of observation it is necessary to understand the purpose and reason a process is used. Once the processes associated with the International Students and Scholars Services are understood, areas where improvement can be made to simplify and better the writing processes will be focused on. By the end of the research, International Students and Scholars Services can see, both logically and supported by data, why recommendations for changes in their program hold merit.

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Course Project

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Amanda J. Wright Cron

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Stander Symposium project

Research exercise: Investigating and Improving Communication in the Center of International Program's (CIP) International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS)