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This poster reflects research conducted as part of a course project designed to give students experience in the research process.



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In order to teach students subjects, faculty create syllabi and course materials such as course notes, outlines, PowerPoint or other presentations, learning software, texts such as books and articles, images and video, test review and assessment materials, e-mail, and discussion group or forum written comments and suggestions. If property is a general term for the rules and policies that govern people’s access to, control over, and use of valuable resources, and syllabi and course materials are regarded as valuable intellectual resources in contrast to land on the one hand and ownership shares in artificial legal entities on the other, then what rules and policies, if any, should govern syllabi and course materials created by faculty in higher education? If intellectual property rules and policies should govern syllabi and course materials, should the intellectual property rules and policies be common in the sense that streets and parks are common property, collective in the sense that military bases and artillery pieces are collective property, or private in the sense that toothbrushes and bicycles are private property? Furthermore, if the intellectual property rules and policies should be private, should syllabi and course materials intellectual property initially be private to individual faculty members, private to individual higher education institutions, or private to some hybrid of individual faculty members and higher education institutions? This poster presentation is a conceptual exploration of proposed answers to these questions. Its aim is to promote a deeper understanding of the issues involved in answering the overall question that pertains directly to the professoriate, “Should syllabi and course materials be faculty intellectual property?”

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Michele M. Welkener

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Should Syllabi and Course Materials be Faculty Intellectual Property?