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The purpose of this presentation is to explore means for supporting faculty who teach international students. One of the challenges facing institutions of higher education in general, and the University of Dayton in particular, is the increasing diversity of student enrollment. This diversity includes international students from different countries, cultures, and educational backgrounds. The greater numbers of international students create both challenges and opportunities for faculty members. One such challenge for faculty members is lack of awareness and support from their administration, who may be similarly unprepared to handle increased diversity or to empower international students in their academic goals. In an attempt to bridge the gap between professors and international students, the Academic Affairs and Learning Initiative (AALI) at UD has created a program called Teaching a Global Student Community (TAGS), a workshop series providing faculty with a generalized look at the interaction of culture, students, and learning. We believe that faculty in a variety institutes of higher education would benefit from an initiative such as TAGS’ ideals and values. Our proposal is to offer pedagogical and intercultural support for faculty members at colleges and universities in Ohio. To provide this support, we will identify schools with a large percentage (10 or more) of international students or that recruit international students, search for existing support systems for faculty, and make recommendations based on the TAGS philosophy. Means of support will come in the form of in-service workshops, but other methods may prove more practical based on each school’s needs. Anticipated areas we will address in training include responding to international students’ writing, understanding and supporting dynamic interaction patterns in the classroom, supporting student understanding of intellectual property and the principles of academic integrity, and implementing appropriate learning/classroom support for non-native speakers (NNS).

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Expanding TAGS: Facilitating Interaction between Teachers and International Students