Sariana L. Garcia



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With this thesis I will evaluate how the topic of immigration is handled in the political forums in the United States. Immigration is a topic of interest to many, which raises controversy in differing opinions regarding how it should be addressed. I look into the authority given to the states and the federal government regarding immigration. In order to prove the federal authority over immigration I did a close study of the US Constitution and the sections where it refers to topics relevant to immigration, such as the Fourteenth Amendment, where it hints at assigning the federal government the authority to deal with immigration issues. I evaluate well-known cases in which the US Supreme Court has deemed stateâs immigration laws unconstitutional, forwarding this task to national laws passed by Congress. With this thesis I aim to provide reasons why the topic of immigration should be handled by the federal government, given its constitutional authority. I will make a case for national unanimity when making policy decisions regarding immigration.

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Honors Thesis

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Juan C. Santamarina

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Stander Symposium project

US Immigration: The Power Struggle Between the States and Federal Government