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This study investigates the impact of intensive English program (IEP) on female Middle Eastern Muslim student abilities to interact with native English speakers at a Catholic institution. The sample consisted of eight female Middle Eastern Muslim students who already completed IEP, currently enrolled in IEP, or was able to waive IEP requirements through testing. Through a qualitative approach, factors associated with female Middle Eastern Muslim students’ social experiences were explored. Findings detailed challenges based on religion, English proficiency, cultural differences, and campus support. Recommendations are presented for staff members, IEP instructors, and students to assist in improving the social success of female Middle Eastern Muslim students.

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Project Designation

Graduate Research

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Abd El Nasser A Abd El Razek

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Counselor Education and Human Services


Stander Symposium poster


Arts and Humanities | Business | Education | Engineering | Life Sciences | Medicine and Health Sciences | Physical Sciences and Mathematics | Social and Behavioral Sciences

Bridging the Gap: The Impact of an Intensive English Program on Female Middle Eastern Muslim Students Social Experiences