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This quantitative study took an interesting look into determining factors of self-image through the eyes of both international and domestic students in Southwest Ohio. In an effort to find comparative data, Self-Perceptions of Domestic and International Students Side by Side in the Mid-West USA provided a unique glimpse into perception and appearance. Survey participants included 84 International students and 26 American students, with 52 Undergraduate and 58 either Graduate or enrolled in an intensive English program. Expanding internationalization is a cultural trend among both populations and is relational to altered perceptions as a result of foreign, peer counterparts. While this study is applicable, more research is needed among this growing student dynamic.

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Graduate Research

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Abd El Nasser A Abd El Razek

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Counselor Education and Human Services


Stander Symposium poster


Arts and Humanities | Business | Education | Engineering | Life Sciences | Medicine and Health Sciences | Physical Sciences and Mathematics | Social and Behavioral Sciences

American and International Students on Body Image and Pop Culture:Self-Perceptions of Domestic and International Students Side by Side in the Mid-West