Turki Mohammed Alsuwian



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A hypersonic aircraft vehicle is a highly complex nonlinear system, which includes uncertainties in the dynamics. This paper presents the design of robust nonlinear adaptive control for a hypersonic aircraft vehicle model. The complexity of the dynamic system is considered into the design structure of the control in order to address robustness issues. Design of a robust control system should decouple the longitudinal and lateral dynamics to handle the flight of hypersonic vehicle under certain specific conditions. In this paper, we only consider longitudinal dynamics, which are divided into aircraft speed subsystem and flight-path angle subsystem. A robust control design is implemented to provide asymptotic tracking regulation of aircraft speed and flight-path angle. In addition, it is employed in this study because the algorithm of control design exhibits better robustness properties. Based on the stability analysis, the adaptive control is derived for a Lyapunov function candidate of feedback closed-loop system. Simulation results of control design illustrate robustness and effectiveness.

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Raul E. Ordonez

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Electrical and Computer Engineering


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Robust Nonlinear Adaptive Control for Longitudinal Dynamics of Hypersonic Aircraft Vehicle Model