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The integration of a faith-based university’s mission into the curriculum and the requirements that this identity imposes upon faculty members’ scholarship are often at odds with the concept of academic freedom (VanZanten, 2011). This common dilemma is an authentic and significant part of Catholic higher education. To balance a conceptual understanding of faith integration with practical tools for academic professionals looking for resources, the University of Dayton’s Commitment to Community (C2C) document provides a community approach to education (University of Dayton, n.d.). This document could be a valued resource to assist faculty in applying mission-based values into their teaching, research, and service. The principles and habits articulated in the C2C document—community is essential for learning and that community members should practice servant leadership—can assist in highlighting the university’s mission if applied to faculty work. To support faculty in integrating the institutional mission into their work, the presenters will share the philosophical assumptions behind the C2C document, highlighting the Catholic and Marianist mission that informs the principles contained in the document. Then, using literature on faculty work and integration of institutional mission, the presenters will highlight ways in which faculty can use the values of a Catholic and Marianist education to inform their work. Finally, some practical suggestions will be provided for faculty members to integrate and apply the C2C principles into their teaching, research, and service. References: University of Dayton (n.d.). Commitment to community: Catholic and Marianist learning and living. Retrieved from; VanZanten, S. (2011). Joining the mission: A guide for (mainly) new college faculty. Grand Rapids, MI: Wm.B. Eerdmans.

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Integrating Institutional Mission into Faculty Work