Chanel M. Winston



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Leadership self-efficacy is an area of self-efficacy related to the level of confidence one has in his or her knowledge, skills, and abilities to lead others (Bandura, 1997). When leadership self- efficacy is placed within the context of student development, it has the ability to contribute to or negate from a student’s motivation to persist and succeed in leadership associated tasks (Bandura, 1993; Stage, 1996). The goal of this research is to explore how international female undergraduate students perceive their leadership abilities in relation to their personally constructed definition of leadership. Through qualitative interviews with six international female undergraduate students, this research identifies specific experiences that contribute to their leadership self -efficacy. Common themes associated with high leadership self-efficacy are pre-college leadership experiences, on campus involvement, and overall self-confidence.

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Graduate Research

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Nasser Razek

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Counselor Education and Human Services


Stander Symposium project, student affairs, School of Education and Health Sciences


Arts and Humanities | Business | Education | Engineering | Life Sciences | Medicine and Health Sciences | Physical Sciences and Mathematics | Social and Behavioral Sciences

Examining Factors Associated with High Leadership Self-Efficacy Among International Women College Students in the U.S.