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The research aim of this project is to examine the legal issues regarding intellectual property with student athletes who participate in sports under governance of the NCAA. Intellectual property rights are for creative works which are designated to specific people or businesses by law. This research thesis will examine the conflict the NCAA has with student athletes that argue they should be obtaining revenue from autographs, jersey sales, etc. The Ed O’Bannon case, which just concluded and is now in the settlement phase, will be a major focal point of this research project. Ed O’Bannon sued the NCAA for using student athlete images commercially. The NCAA holds that these “athletes” are amateurs, and should not profit from sales of their jersey or autographs. In essence, this research project will examine the documents and court cases dealing with intellectual property and the NCAA, and other cases outside of the NCAA that present the same issues.

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Honors Thesis

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Corinne M. Daprano

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Health and Sport Science


Stander Symposium project


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Intellectual Property and The NCAA