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Greek Life organizations face many negative stipulations across the United States due to several allegations of disrespectful actions. Due to these negative actions, there are Catholic institutions across the United States that do not allow Greek Life organizations on their respective campus. Such reasons Catholic institutions give is that Greek Life is not needed on campus for students to live out Catholic values. Instead, students have service, special interest and sports clubs to join to live out Catholic values. As a student apart of Greek Life on the University of Dayton’s campus feel that the values between Greek life and the Marianist match up. If Greek life can encourage members to live out their catholic values at Dayton, then why is their trouble on campuses such as the University of Notre Dame to accept Greek life? I used a data and statistical approach to understand the amount of Catholic institutions that accept Greek Life. I discovered there are many institutions that find Greek Life valuable to living out Catholic Values. In this presentation, I am comparing the schools that accept to those that don’t accept Greek Life. Secondly, I am explaining the reasons why and why not Greek Life is acceptable on Catholic campuses. Lastly, I am covering the survey answers from University of Dayton graduate and undergraduate students.

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Greek Life and Catholic Universities:  Do the Values of Greek Life Match with Those of the Catholic Church?