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This project is about the data evaluation of the pollutants in the open atmosphere such as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, particulate matter, etc. The main aim of this project is to evaluate the data for the pollutants mentioned above as well as to generate different curves with the help of data obtained for past couple of decades and to develop some curve-fit equations to predict the approximate emission values of the pollutants for upcoming future years. As environmental pollution is one of the biggest challenges we are facing now-a-days in the current technology-based world,this work also shows the different allowable exposure limits of the pollutants as per regulations provided by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Also, this work presents the air quality index specifications with its (U.S.EPA) different zones, providing the ways to protect our health from the long term exposure of the pollutants which can cause various diseases and disorder for living organisms, especially, human beings.

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Capstone Project

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Sarwan S. Sandhu

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Chemical and Materials Engineering


Stander Symposium poster


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Data Evaluation and Control of Pollutants in the Air