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Multispectral imaging has the capability to identify the state of objects based on their spectral characteristics. These are features not available with conventional color imaging based on metameric RGB (red, green and blue) colors alone. Current multispectral imaging systems use narrowband filters to capture the spectral content of a scene, which necessitates different filters to be designed and applied for each application. We have demonstrated the concept of Fourier multispectral imaging which uses filters with sinusoidally varying transmittance by time multiplexed switchable filter array in our previous paper [1, 2]. In this paper, we designed and built a five channel, spatially multiplexed pixel filter array. This enables single-shot images and makes it possible to capture scenes containing moving objects. [1] J. Jia, C. Ni, A. Sarangan, and K. Hirakawa, Fourier multispectral imaging, Optics express, Vol. 23, Issue 17, pp. 22649-22657 (2015). [2] C. Ni, J. Jia, K. Hirakawa, A. Sarangan, Design and fabrication of sinusoidal spectral filters for multispectral imaging, in SPIE Proceedings Vol. 9556: Nanoengineering: Fabrication, Properties, Optics, and Devices XII.

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Design and Fabrication of Fourier Spectral Filter Array for Multispectral Imaging