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This qualitative study was designed to identify a correlation between the increased spiritual practice of resident assistants and decreased experiences of burnout. The challenges of burnout affect the daily lives of resident assistants as well as the experiences of the residents they serve. The literature argues that the pressures of serving as a resident assistant has a significant impact on how students perform in their role as well as the experience for the resident served. The twenty-four lifestyle often places high and emotionally exhausting demands on students and can lead to burnout. Spiritual practice allows for self-reflection and space for resident assistants to take a break from the demanding expectations. Findings provide a summary of the experience of burnout for resident assistants at the University of Dayton as well as their spiritual practices and access to spiritual resources. Recommendations are also made to preemptively decrease the experience of burnout for future cohorts of resident assistants through the following of spiritual practice.

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Project Designation

Graduate Research

Primary Advisor

Nasser Razek

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Counselor Education and Human Services


Stander Symposium poster, student affairs, School of Education and Health Sciences

The Power of Prayer: Impact of Spiritual Practice and Access to Spiritual Resources on Resident Assistants’ Experience of Burnout