Caroline Margaret Boeckman, Emma A Cipriani



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This research was conducted at the University of Dayton through a research program for teachers. The goal of this program was to have pre-service and experienced teachers gain more knowledge about engineering concepts so that they could incorporate them into their classroom. The objective of this research was to perform tensile testing of Fused Deposition Modeling materials to determine variability due to orientation and print machine. The Ultem samples tested were produced on six different printers. Within these samples, there were three different orientations tested; ZXY, YZX, and YXZ. We tested the tensile strength using an Intron 4486. Each member of the group was involved in the testing process, which included sample testing, recording data, placing extensometer, analyzing data, and running the Bluehill program. During the analysis of our data, we calculated the Ultimate Tensile Strength (UTS), Stress at Failure, Strain at Failure, and Elastic Modulus. After testing multiple samples of each orientation and the different printers, we found that YZX has the highest ultimate tensile strength (UTS) and strain of all orientations tested. ZXY had the weakest UTS and strain. Statistically, each orientation from the various printers has similar tensile properties.

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Independent Research

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Margaret F. Pinnell

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Engineering-Office of the Dean


Stander Symposium project

Research Experience for Teacher (RET) program: Inspire the Next Generation in Advanced Manufacturing and Materials