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Although, in recent years, overall juvenile delinquency rates in the United States have fallen, juvenile delinquency remains a concern in today’s society. To quote a famous song, “…Children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way...” Throughout history, the family has been the corner stone in the education of our youth. Children learn a great deal about who they are and their place in society from the family unit. The structure of the family has changed drastically in the last 50 years. The once valued structure of mother, father and children is now accompanied by a myriad of alternative parental architypes. How does the family structure influence juveniles, does the structure of the family play a role in the delinquency of juveniles? Also, having a great influence on today’s youth is modern media. Have movies, the internet, video games and social media negatively influenced our youth and contributed to juvenile delinquency? The family, no matter how it is structured, is still the key stabilizing factor in the life of our youth. It is imperative that we exercise due diligence in protecting and nurturing our youth. The family structure and modern media might be one of many factors influencing juvenile delinquency. However, examination of these two factors seem to hold the greatest promise for the further reduction of juvenile delinquency.

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Family Structure and Media Influences on Juvenile Delinquency