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One of the defining characteristics of the Autism Spectrum Disorders is deficits in the development of communication skills. Children with autism can be nonverbal, be verbal but struggle with speech, and also have deficits in auditory processing. These developmental deficits not only make communication difficult for children with autism, they also make communication stressful. This paper describes the most common communication problems children with autism must deal with in school and life in general, and describes actions that educators can take in classrooms to enhance the learning of students with autism and make them more able to learn. When educators are more aware of the communication abilities of the students with autism that spend time in their classroom they will be better able to instruct these students in academic content areas. More importantly, they will be better prepared to understand each individual student and help him or her learn how to communicate with others more effectively.

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Patricia M. Hart

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Research exercise: Communication and Students with Autism