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VectorWorks is a 3-dimensional modeling program like Autodesk or SolidWorks, yet unlike these, it excels when dealing with light design. Integration of Autodesk files into VectorWorks is currently possible, yet not adaptable when working with the further light design tools that VectorWorks has to offer. Being adept in this program while working in theatrical lighting design will be a tremendous advantage. One of these main tools lets you output a data chart necessary when implementing the lighting layout in the theatre itself. Normally transferring the data from an Autodesk file to a usable chart takes several hours and includes multiple human errors. With these advantages in mind, I created a layout of Boll Theatre that not only gives me experience, but also provides a updated model to aid future light designers.

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Course Project

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Margaret F Pinnell

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Engineering-Office of the Dean


Stander Symposium poster


This poster reflects research conducted as part of course project designed to give students experience in the research process.

Research exercise: VectorWorks for Light Design