Manoj Kumar Sharma



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Exoskeletons, a wearable robot that intelligently augments the physical power of a human being. Lately these robots are finding their way towards the military and consumers as well. Our body has a skeleton that helps in maintaining the posture. Often times fatigue becomes an important issue, especially those who regularly carry heavy loads; one solution to this is to attach a structure that can cling to a human body that can bear the load on its own. One of the biggest challenge is to design a structure that can fits snugly and feels natural during operation. The approach proposed here, focuses on a simple 3DoF upper limb exoskeleton; to actuate the exoskeleton, pilot’s intention is read and parsed through a Dynamic Intention Filter (DIF) and then to a feedback loops that eventually controls the torque of the motors. As a result, the final design feels so natural that there is, almost, no learning curve to its operation.

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Graduate Research

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John S. Loomis, David H. Myszka, Raul E. Ordonez

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Electrical and Computer Engineering


Stander Symposium poster

Intention Based Upper-limb Exo-skeleton