Caroline Ann Goodill



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The millennial trend of globalization has engulfed the field of education, creating an inter- national dialogue of educational ideologies, practices, and policies. International tests have ranked education systems, leading the world’s attention to those who achieve the highest on the tests: Finland. Finland and the United States offer similar practices and programs in terms of special education and teacher education, two dimensions of the educational system that could influence standardized test results. However, these two countries achieve quite differently on international tests. The disparity of test results may lie within the differences of scope and implementation processes for these programs. Research from the Finnish models regarding these programs create guiding vessels that, when ‘Americanized’ to fit the context of the diverse American background, could foster an equitable education system in the United States.

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Honors Thesis

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Kathryn A. Kinnucan-Welsch

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Teacher Education


Stander Symposium poster

An Analysis of the Educational Systems in Finland and the United States: A Case Study