James L Vogel



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Die extrusion is a manufacturing process to create parts with a fixed cross-sectional profile by passing melted plastic through a die of the desired cross-section. The resulting plastic piece then hardens as it is pulled through a water trough and is then cut into pieces with the desired length. Extrusion has significant cost savings over other plastic processing methods. In current technology, the dies have a fixed geometry creating parts with a constant cross-section. The objective of this project is to create a die that can change shape by actuating a lever resulting in a part with variable cross sections. In order to determine the feasibility of variable geometry extrusion, dies have been designed and constructed. The process is tested by the use of a laser scanner that captures data points of the cross sections at multiple locations along the variable extruded part. The data is analyzed by a numerical process to determine the repeatability accuracy by comparing multiple profiles of the same extrusion.

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Project Designation

Graduate Research - Graduate

Primary Advisor

Andrew P. Murray, David H. Myszka

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Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Stander Symposium project

Assessing Shape Repeatability in Variable Geometry, Polymer Extrusion Dies