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In multicellular organisms, organogenesis requires axial patterning to determine Antero-Posterior (AP), Dorso-Ventral (DV), Proximo-Distal (PD) axes. Any deviation in these axes during development leads to congenital birth defects. In our model system, Drosophila melanogaster (a.k.a fruit fly), Dorso-Ventral (DV) patterning marks first lineage restriction event. We have identified defective proventriculus (dve-a Homeobox gene), an ortholog of SATB homeobox 1 (special AT-rich sequence binding protein 1), as new member of DV patterning gene hierarchy. We have shown that dve acts downstream of pannier (pnr, GATA-1 transcription factor), and upstream of wingless (wg) in dorsal gene hierarchy. Loss-of-function of dve, pnr results in dramatic dorsal eye enlargements, whereas gain-of-function suppresses the eye fate. We have demonstrated that Wg is downstream target of Hippo growth regulatory pathway (highly conserved) in eye. Furthermore, Wingless (Wg), which acts downstream of dve, also exhibits similar eye enlargement and suppression phenotypes and has been shown to play a role in growth. Here, we present that DV patterning genes interact with Hippo signaling to regulate the common downstream target, Wg during growth and patterning of developing Drosophila eye. Our data states (1) These two pathways interact antagonistically, and that (2) Activating Hippo signaling in dve, pnr expression domain results in change of head specific fate to an eye. We have tested retinal determination fate markers in these backgrounds. This study will address important questions, (1) Whether axial patterning genes (dve, pnr) and Hippo pathway regulates patterning, growth independently or in-coordination with each other by regulating Wg to form an eye/or any other organ, (2) Which of these pathways acts upstream and downstream, (3) During the development, whether growth regulatory pathways gets activated first and regulates patterning genes to form an organ or vice versa and (4) How the downstream targets are regulated, if these pathways are connected. The results from these studies will be presented.

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Graduate Research - Graduate

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Madhuri Kango-Singh, Amit Singh

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Stander Symposium project

Growth regulatory pathway collaborates with axial patterning genes to regulate patterning and growth in Drosophila eye