Kathleen Dolores Golterman



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The proposed study seeks to determine if self-esteem has an influence on the decision- making process of choosing a mate. When women are ovulating, they are more attracted to men who are physically attractive and have strong genes in an effort to ensure reproductive success (i.e., a strong, healthy offspring). However, these men are typically unwilling to commit to any one woman and lack the desire for a committed relationship. However, recent research finds that when women are ovulating, they erroneously perceive attractive, genetically strong men as more willing to commit to them as long-term partners (Durante, Griskevicius, Simpson, Cantu, & Li, 2012). The proposed study extends this research by examining the role of women’s self- esteem in mating decisions. Women with high self-esteem may be more likely to perceive attractive, genetically strong men as more willing to be in a committed relationship, whereas women with low self-esteem might have more accurate appraisals of his commitment level.

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Honors Thesis - Undergraduate

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Erin O'Mara

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Stander Symposium poster

The Influence of Women's Self-Esteem on Mating Decision Making Across the Menstrual Cycle