Matthew R Moore


This poster reflects research conducted as part of a course project designed to give students experience in the research process.



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Each year, thousands of students at Ohio community colleges lose eligibility for federal financial aid due to their academic performance and not meeting the required GPA or minimum Pace of Completion standards required in the federally regulated Satisfactory Academic Progress policy. At community colleges, a great majority of students are receiving some type of federal financial aid and would not be able to enroll without the benefit of that aid. The purpose of this quantitative, group comparison study is to examine the difference between student categories related to student loan and grant eligibility, age, gender, and race in terms of two Satisfactory Academic Progress standards, GPA and Pace of Completion, among undergraduate students at an Ohio community college. This research study identifies specific predictors that lead to a student losing eligibility for federal financial aid that ultimately impacts the success and completion of these students by disrupting their pursuit of an undergraduate credential.

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Project Designation

Course Project - Graduate

Primary Advisor

Savio D. Franco

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Counselor Education and Human Services


Stander Symposium project, student affairs, School of Education and Health Sciences

A Group Comparison Study of Undergraduate Student-Related Indicators of Satisfactory Academic Progress at an Ohio Community College