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The foot and mouth outbreak in the UK in 2001 was a disastrous event for the country and the economic. The disease did not only cost UK government so much money to stop the disease, but it also affected the tourism industry. Mathematical epidemic models can provide clear strategy for minimizing the effect of such a disease, determining the expected manner of its progression in the event of a future outbreak based upon the latest available data on the epidemic. This project is to explore how to minimize the cost, how to contain the disease in minimal time, and how realistic these models will be considering the limitation of the model. Numerical and qualitative tools such as MATLAB's built in ode solver will be used.

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Course Project

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Muhammad Usman

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Stander Symposium poster


This poster reflects research conducted as part of course project designed to give students experience in the research process.

Research exercise: Mathematical Study of the Foot and Mouth Outbreak Model