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My research revolves around the job shop environment. The job shop is an environment in manufacturing where jobs arrive randomly and take a random amount of time to complete. For instance, a maker of specialized metal parts most likely involves some sort of job shop. The job shop can also represent a bottleneck in a larger manufacturing process. The main obstacle in the job shop is the queue of jobs waiting to be worked upon. The trick is to order the queue so as to perform the jobs to optimize for various metrics. These metrics vary and involve things such as the average time in shop to the aggregate lateness of the jobs. My research explores the repercussions of ordering the jobs using various queueing rules under a variety of conditions.

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Project Designation

Honors Thesis

Primary Advisor

John J. Kanet

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Management Information Systems, Operations Management, and Decision Sciences


Stander Symposium poster

Exploring the Job Shop Queuing Environment