Taylor A Brodie, Lyndsay Anne Drake, Margaret G Ziegenfuss


This poster reflects research conducted as part of a course project designed to give students experience in the research process.



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Research was conducted to evaluate the programs and resources that the University of Dayton offers for nutrition and eating disorders. It was determined that the dining halls offered healthy and nutritious options for students, as every place to eat on campus offers a variation of fresh fruit and vegetables. VWK’s Passports caters well to those who have a culturally diverse diet such as international students. Marycrest offers an A+ room that is designed for those who have food allergies. Only students who have expressed their allergies to the university are granted access to the room. There is a fair amount of gluten free options at every dining hall but could still use improvement. Those suffering from lactose, nut, soy and other allergies have a challenging time fulfilling their dietary needs. The A+ room does accept requests for specific food items, which is helpful for those with a restrictive diet. Eating disorders are another important consideration relating to nutritional health of campus students. The counseling center is the main resource for those suffering from an eating disorder with group and individual therapy as an option. The group session allows others dealing with a body image issue to meet each other and know they are not alone. The center offers handouts and brochures on how to spot an eating disorder and how to approach someone you know with one. A more rigorous treatment is an option but is sought at locations outside the university grounds. The main improvement for eating disorder resources would be to increase programming to raise awareness for the destructive effects that an eating disorder can have on an individual’s body, as well as increase programming for how to recognize the signs of an eating disorder in a friend or roommate.

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Stander Symposium project

Resources and Improvements for Nutrition and the Treatment of Eating Disorders at the University of Dayton