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As a member of the Sophomore Social Justice Learning and Living Cohort a part of our mission is to support, encourage, and facilitate literacy in the Miami Valley. My support of the program's goals was to tutor inner city children in Dayton's Cleveland Elementary School. After being trained to tutor reading by Project READ, I tutored 5 elementary school children for a total of 20 hours. During my experience I was able to apply what I have learned in my sociology and social work courses and to experience first-hand the normal practices and disparities in our educational system, especially focused on inner city education. My presentation will focus on those experiences and observations to highlight the Dayton education system's assests and successes as well as to reflect on those areas that still need great improvement.

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Independent Research

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Lori G. Phillips-Young

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Stander Symposium poster

Tutoring in the Dayton Public Schools: The Norms and the Disparities of Inner City Education. A Service Learning Project of the Sophomore Social Justice Cohort