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Sexual Violence is an epidemic on college campuses today. One in ve women are affected by sexual violence at some point during their college career. Female college students ages 18-25 are three times more likely than women of other ages to experience sexual violence. A survey of 1,882 male students found that 6.4% of men self-reported perpetrating sexual violence on college campuses. In a more recent study done on Navy recruits, 13-15% self-reported committing acts of sexual violence before joining the military. The debate in the community now focuses not only on the percentages of men who perpetrate, but also on who these perpetrators are. Diverging interpretations have implications for the role of individual differences in identifying those at risk of offending. This project seeks to uncover the thoughts, evaluations, characteristics and individual differences of college men and the type of college man who might commit sexual violence by measuring participants’ endorsement of male gender norms, their acceptance of rape myths, their self-reported coercive sexual behavior history, and their evaluations of a hypothetical acquaintance rape scenario.

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Honors Thesis - Undergraduate

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Dario Rodriguez

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Stander Symposium project

College Men's Perceptions of Campus Acquaintance Rape