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The purpose of this study is to address the influence of newspaper endorsement on the county level in regards to the 2016 presidential election. I am looking at the newspaper endorsement influence of 346 papers on the vote percentages of their respective counties, and then comparing those to state percentages. That way we can see each newspaper’s specific influence on it’s county. This study is significant because we can start to see if newspaper endorsements are important and influential or not, which could have major ramifications for both politicians and newspapers. If we determined that newspaper endorsements were not important, we could begin to ask what has changed to make them unimportant (for example the change in news consumption). Furthermore, this election could be very out of the ordinary due to extraneous variables, and newspapers might not have had a chance at playing their traditional guiding role in voting choice. Should any of this be the case, there would be a major shift in politics and news as politicians have always relied on mass media for successful politics and mass media has relied on politicians for content.

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Independent Research - Undergraduate

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Chad Painter

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Stander Symposium project

Influence of Newspaper Endorsements in the 2016 Presidential Election