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Streaming Media

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Art and Design

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Misty Thomas-Trout


This book was printed on Neenah Environment ® PC 100 White in the Department of Art and Design at the University of Dayton in 2019 as part of the Berry Summer Thesis Institute under the mentorship of Professor Misty Thomas-Trout.

Typeset in the Ryman Eco and Shannon families. Ryman Eco was designed by Dan Rhatigan with Grey London in 2014 and is considered a sustainable typeface, using 33% less ink in print production. Shannon was designed by Janice Prescott Fishman and Kris Holmes for Compugraphic in 1982.


Berry Summer Thesis Institute, Honors Program, Graphic design, Art, Picture Books


Book and Paper | Children's and Young Adult Literature | Digital Humanities | Illustration


The primary document available for download is 5MB in size. A higher-resolution version (81 MB) is available under "Additional Files" (see bottom of this record) along with a text-only version.

Copyright © 2019, Shannon Stanforth

Stanforth_TNMTKM_Final.pdf (81184 kB)
High-resolution version of book (PDF)

Stanforth_TNMTKM_Text_Only.pdf (212 kB)
Text from the book (PDF)



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