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University of Dayton

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Art and Design

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Misty Thomas-Trout


The photography, design, and content of this book was done by Madeline Spicer under the tutelage of Professor Misty Thomas-Trout at the University of Dayton Department of Art & Design as a part of the Berry Summer Thesis Institute of the University Honors Department.

Typeset in Goudy Oldstyle and MetaPlus families. Goudy Oldstyle was designed by Frederic Goudy in 1915 and is classified as an Oldface. MetaPlus was designed by Erik Spiekermann in 1991 and is classified as a Humanistic Lineal.

This book was printed on Neenah Environment® Papers, PC 100 White, and Apollo Laser OHP Transparency Film.


synesthesia, synesthete, art and design


Art and Design | Book and Paper


The document available for download (1.5 MB) is made available open-access with the permission of the author; it is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivatives license (CC-BY-NC-ND).

A higher-resolution version (30.5 MB) is available as a supplemental file at the bottom of this record. A PDF with the book's text is also available.

a_story_of_synesthetic_discovery_highres.pdf (29807 kB)
Higher-resolution version

text_a_story_of_synesthetic_discovery.pdf (53 kB)
Text inside the book



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