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  • Digital collage
  • 18 inches wide, 24 inches high

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coronavirus, Spanish flu, pandemic, collage


Art and Design | Graphic Design


This collage reflects how the origins of the Spanish flu and coronavirus were unknown, but that they were able to grow to a pandemic scale. The main idea I had for this composition was that it was a map. Being that the Spanish flu happened in 1918, I wanted this map to look old and worn. I followed this idea through with the use of a key, the continents, and crinkled paper to represent waves in the ocean.

I knew I wanted the headlines to look worn, so I came up with the idea to wet the paper while the ink was still fresh and smudge the ink around. I traced both the H1N1 and coronavirus and incorporated it into my key.

I had some difficulty with the text hierarchy, so I tried to add more contrast between the headlines and article samples, as well as highlight specific words in red to pop out the keywords.

Jillian Whitson: 1918 & 2020 Pandemic Poster



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