Brandon Hines: 1918 & 2020 Pandemic Poster



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  • Mixed-media digital collage
  • 18 inches wide, 24 inches high

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pandemic, collage, COVID-19, poster


Art and Design | Graphic Design


I began my poster first with multiple concept sketches mixing the 1918 pandemic topics with the ones from 2020. Then I slimmed my options down to one concept sketch. My sketch included half of my face wearing a mask and a skull for the other side. Then I added a bomb in the middle of the piece branding “COVID-19” on the side of the bomb. Then for my text, I added, “Do NOT drop the bomb, wear a mask.” The piece was inspired by Harry Ryle Hopps’ “Destroy This Mad Brute: Enlist” (1917), a World War I poster that would overemphasize the “monsters.” I decided to use COVID-19 as an over-exaggeration in the shape of a bomb. COVID-19 is a virus, not a real, destructive bomb, but I felt my message should indicate that not wearing a mask will spread and destroy others like a bomb would.

I then researched facts about the protection wearing a mask gives you. I then printed out these articles, then tore the pieces of paper surrounding the text, then I scanned the torn pieces of articles into Photoshop. To emphasize the comparison between the 1918 swine flu pandemic and the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, I placed multiple bombs behind my head that brandished pigs with the H1N1 virus or the COVID-19 particle with COVID-19 handwritten across the side of the bombs.

Brandon Hines: 1918 & 2020 Pandemic Poster