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  • Illustration, Digital Collage
  • 18 inches wide, 24 inches high

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Pandemic, Graphic Design, Illustration, Digital Collage, Poster, Fish


Art and Design | Graphic Design


Concept is a sickly person languid with many cautionless fish swimming in COVID-19-based fluids. The fish do not acknowledge social distancing save for one or two wearing masks. It is harrowing as the figure does their part, following safety protocols and doing everything in their power to stay healthy. A figure, dubbed Mr. TV Man, lies submerged under other fishes' lack of care and drowns like a lost fish caught under it all. Mr. TV Man rests as a sickly COVID-19 victim, a TV-esque body with “1918, 2020” glitching alternatively across its screen. Teal fluids run down their neck while submerged in a red sea. A dim, red color scheme and warnings dominate their frame, with COVID-19 blobs as underwater bubbles. A magazine-esque design aimed to incorporate the fonts, compositions, colorings and scare factor of poster propaganda used during the 1918 pandemic. A reddish, underwater sea is made to reference suffocating effects of quarantine. The fish are a metaphor for people who refuse to wear their masks in 2020.

Tash Nelson: 1918 & 2020 Pandemic



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