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  • Mixed-media digital collage
  • 18 inches wide, 24 inches high

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Art and Design | Graphic Design


My collage was inspired by the complete switch and acceptance that is Zoom since March. I used aspects of zoom calls to complete objectives of this project, such as my face being pictured in the "rest of world" zoom call member and headlines being displayed as chats.

The central message of this collage is to contrast the warnings that have been a part of world history for the past 100 years with the events that have taken place since the world essentially shut down in March. The "rest of world" and "1918 nurses" being muted in the worldwide zoom call of Dr. Anthony Fauci sharing a presentation with a contrasting message in the chat is what delivers this message.

I went back and forth several times of what I wanted my final composition to look like outside of the face boxes and chat box, but what I decided on in the end was a simpler approach and one that made the most sense logically. Overall, this composition is a playful approach on the harsh reality of what is actually happening, which sometimes can be a good distraction from the real world.

Peder Harvey: 1918 & 2020 Pandemic Poster



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