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  • 18 x 24 inches, vertical
  • Mixed-media digital collage

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COVID-19, Donald Trump, Woodrow Wilson, Pandemic, Epidemic, Collage, H1N1, Coronavirus


Art and Design | Graphic Design


With the attempt to provide a viewer a well-thought-out collage representing the two most deadly pandemics our nation has fought in the last 105 years, I decided to shed light on how the leaders of the free world handled the situation presented to them.

This is an opinionated piece of work as after hours of research, I came to the conclusion that both leaders, Woodrow Wilson and Donald Trump, did poor jobs dealing with the issue at hand. Wilson had some slack due to the end of World War I, and he was helping lead the country to peaceful times with other nations, but President Trump knew of the lingering sickness and decided to not speak on the issue and instead tweet out misguiding messages to his 87.2 million Twitter followers. President Wilson stayed quiet on the pandemic ravaging his country, so I decided to lay a piece of tape over his mouth. To do this, I snapped a photo of said duct tape to edit in Adobe Photoshop. I decided to then deal with Trump by showing some of the tweets he sent in the early months of the pandemic to show how non-caring he was of the rules and regulations that were mandated throughout the nation.

All of my work done on this piece was first hand-drawn by me and then scanned using the Adobe Scanning App on my phone. My goal with this piece was to create a composition that felt as if you were just flipping through a student's notebook/journal and came upon this page. It was a joy being able to hand-create the majority of my work and then execute my ideas in Adobe Photoshop until my vision came to life. I truly enjoyed working on this piece because it allowed me to express how I felt on the issues in the world and also learn more about our country in the past and how we dealt with many of the same issues.

Reilly Waldoch: 1918 & 2020 Pandemic Poster



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