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  • Mixed-media digital collage
  • 18 inches wide, 24 inches high

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Graphic Design, Pandemic, Digital Collage, Poster


Art and Design | Graphic Design


My overall message is to show the viewer how similar the two pandemics are dealing with the negative impacts that they both have on people’s mental health. I wanted to show how that it has been an emergency for humankind. In my life, I have seen a lot of people close to me have this negative impact on their mental health from the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, and I wanted to bring awareness to how mental health is affected. I myself have felt a sense of loneliness from the months of quarantining; not being able to see anyone really affected me because I love being around people and realized how important human contact can be. I put a lot of meaning into my piece and wanted to show that the pandemics are keeping us from moving forward with our lives, shown by the chain with the COVID-19 virus on it, pulling the skeleton back. The pandemics have slowly taken over the Earth and are slowly taking over humankind.

Nicolette Engelmeier: 1918 & 2020 Pandemic Poster



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