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  • 18 x 24 inches, vertical
  • Mixed-media digital collage

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COVID-19, Graphic Design, Pandemic, Poster


Art and Design | Graphic Design


My work took awhile to get rolling; so much has happened in 2020, and that actually led to the majority of my ideas. After a couple sketches I kept coming back to the idea of “feeding the fire.” The saying “feeding the fire” really gives a strong image of chaos, which is exactly how I felt and how the world felt. In the present day and age, technology really can spread “news” fast. The media tends to worry about being first rather than accurate, as well as focusing on the negative rather than the positive. That ended up being the theme of my poster: the media and headlines feeding the flames of 2020.

1918 is seen in the background and acts as a reminder that the past will repeat itself, and we always have to be ready for it. Lastly, my selfie is in the middle of it, with a reactionless face representing how numb I have become to the craziness in the world. I also wanted to represent a more personal level that I have struggled mentally, which is why I have the burning 2020 in my mask, to represent not only the world's struggles, but my personal battles as well.

Calan Gizelbach: 1918 & 2020 Pandemic Poster



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