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  • Mixed-media digital collage
  • 18 inches wide, 24 inches high

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Digital Collage, Pandemic, Influenza


Art and Design | Graphic Design


I’ve decided to put emphasis on how the elderly have been affected by the pandemic. During my research, I found several stories of elderly people who have lived through both pandemics. This is such an awesome connection between the two pandemics — not just similar, disparate stories that relate the two, but individual people giving their testimonies of their experiences in both pandemics. I really want to focus on these people and their stories and perspectives, having gone through tribulation upon tribulation. I want names to put to stories and witnesses behind the names. Angelina Friedman,101; Joe Newman, 107; Anita Sampson,100; Hilda Churchill, 108; Myrtle Hooper, 107. Whether these stories are ones of triumph or loss, I wish for them to be told. I particularly love to hear about their perspectives regarding COVID-19 and how they respond. So often, they expressed complete confidence in the fact that this too shall pass and go on celebrating the gift of life. Angelina, 101, after beating the coronavirus, started looking for some yarn to knit. Joe Newman, 107, celebrates the 100th birthday of his fiancee, Anita Sampson. At the end of the interview about their experiences in both pandemics, Anita says to Joe, “Isn’t that beautiful? I think we’ve been reminiscing long enough. I think it’s time for our nap.” And Myrtle Hooper, now 107, is in coronavirus lockdown in an aged care home. Even though she expresses that she feels like she is in jail, she leaves us with a simple, confident prayer: “I’ll simply say God bless you, and leave him the rest.”

I love how these people, through experience, have weathered the storm and can with confidence remain at peace even as waves break over the boat.

Valerie Connor: 1918 & 2020 Pandemic Poster



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