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Dimensions: 30 inches wide, 36 inches tall
Inkjet on matte paper, printed on both sides

Artist's statement:

In Letter 66, Paul Laurence Dunbar aims to reassure his mother, Matilda Dunbar, not to be so concerned about his whereabouts. He emphasizes that he will return home as soon as he can. Within the letter, he sends a $2 bill to give financial support during his busy schedule of recitals, particularly in the South—a gesture that underscores his devotion to his family’s well-being even in his absence. Dunbar reassures his mother that after gaining great success from his writing, all the financial success he gains from his books would be his commitment to helping his family. Dunbar was so determined to support his family and communicate with others that he took it upon himself to convey meaningful messages in the letters he wrote to important individuals in his life. This course of action served as a cornerstone for Dunbar’s unwavering devotion to his family’s well-being and his artistic pursuits. This poster conveys the overwhelming feeling of success and the peace of mind this gives to our loved ones, especially our mothers.

Typography: To represent the feeling between Paul and his mother, the typeface in this piece is IvyPresto, designed by Jack Maack, a serif type family. For sans serif, the family Optima, designed by Hermann Zapf, was selected to represent the strong structure Paul had when handling his success during his recitals.

Publication Date

Fall 10-23-2023


Paul Laurence Dunbar, Ohio history, Black history, Typography, Graphic design


Book and Paper | Graphic Design | Printmaking


Copyright © 2023 by the artist.

Don't Be Startled, My Dear Mother



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