My Dear Friend,

My Dear Friend,



Dimensions: 30 inches wide, 36 inches tall
Inkjet on matte paper, printed on both sides

Artist's narrative: Letter 10 was written on Nov. 23, 1892. Dunbar wrote this letter from Dayton, Ohio. The reader can see two sides of Dunbar. Dunbar begins the letter by discussing how he is very thankful for his friend J.N. Matthews. As the letter goes on, Dunbar begins to undermine himself with great self-doubt. While the overall meaning of the letter is uplifting and communicates how thankful Dunbar is for Matthews, Dunbar is conflicted on the inside. The poster design aims to convey his internal conflict. Two topographic layers help describe the struggles of Dunbar. Corundum text was designed by African American designer Joshua Darden. Darden published his first typeface at the age of 15, which is similar to Dunbar being a published author around that same age. The sans serif used is Elido, which was designed by Sibylle Hajman, who was a Swedish immigrant to America.

Publication Date

Fall 10-23-2023


Paul Laurence Dunbar, Typography, Graphic design, Ohio history, Black history


Art and Design


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My Dear Friend,