2020: Mary B. Ziskin, Milestone Book Selection


2020: Mary B. Ziskin, Milestone Book Selection



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Promotion to the rank of Associate Professor, Department of Educational Administration

Book Selection

Critical Qualitative Research Reader, by Shirley R. Steinberg and Gaile S. Cannella, Editors

Why the honoree chose the book

While this volume contains many important contributions to debates and meaning-making surrounding how social power conditions the construction of knowledge, my main reason for choosing it centers on Phil Francis Carspecken's chapter, "Basic Concepts in Critical Methodological Theory." Carspecken's methodological theory supports researchers in illuminating the entrenched, often occluded ways in which racialized and economic social power produces and legitimizes inequities in U.S. education. I read Carspecken's first book six times while writing my dissertation, and his work continues to stretch and inspire my growth as a methodologist and educator.

2020: Mary B. Ziskin, Milestone Book Selection