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Music by Caitlyn Hood

Dec. 2, 2022

Boll Theatre in Kennedy Union

Co-produced by the Theatre, Dance, and Performance Technology program and the Department of Music

We embarked on the Echoes Through Time journey with the intention to allow the student ensemble to learn about the life of Paul Laurence Dunbar through the creation of an original theatre performance with music selections. This show was devised from the students’ exploration of his life and legacy and the incorporation of music that put poetry to song. As directors, we were particularly taken with how the women in Dunbar’s life were compelling historical figures in their own right, and we wanted to shift focus to them. This show brings Matilda Burton Murphy Dunbar and Alice Dunbar-Nelson to the stage and out of Dunbar’s shadow. Additionally, the students were able to find intersections with the Dunbars’ life and legacy, and those points of connection have been incorporated as monologues and choreography, staged for you as embodied research. You will see scenic design featuring the artwork of Misty Thomas-Trout and her students in Typography II, who also created art inspired by Dunbar this semester, now on display at the Dayton Metro Library main location downtown in the Opportunity Space gallery through December 9. The Echoes Through Time project has showcased the creative research of theatre, music, and art and design students who have found enduring relevance, beauty, and inspiration in the lives of the Dunbars, and we hope you do too!

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