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The title Simple Gifts inspired our devising ensemble to get started putting together the play you will be experiencing tonight. We also took inspiration from the Medieval story surrounding you in the gallery. In the story, it is a simple gift that transcends. A juggler, instead of gifting an object, provides an experience. The juggler has a gift from God that cannot be given away, but only shared. A shared experience of wonder and joy is the guiding principle for tonight’s performance. Knowing the power experiences can bring to relationships and communities, we started from a foundation of engaging our senses. First, the five we are familiar with; sight, touch, smell, taste, and hearing, then moved to more abstract senses like the sense of freedom, a sense of humor, or a sense of self. The play that we made for you is a gift of imagination. Our play expands on what you may be expecting a play to be. You won’t be asked to your seat. You won’t be asked to stay quiet. Our play invites you to be playful with us. Together we will bring to life a Marianist clowning philosophy where we play for the common good and the delight of collective joy.

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Program: Simple Gifts