Summer Conference on Topology and Its Applications

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Topology + Foundations

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32nd Summer Conference on Topology and Its Applications


The concept of Cech closure space was initiated and developed by E. Cech in 1966. Henceforth many more research scholars set their minds in this theory and developed it to a new height. Pawlak.Z derived and gave shape to Rough set theory in terms of approximation using equivalence relation known as indiscernibility relation. Further Lellis Thivagar enhanced rough set theory into a topology, called Nano Topology, which has at most five elements in it and he also extended this into multi granular nano topology. The purpose of this paper is to derive Nano topology in terms of Cech rough closure operators. In addition to this, we also establish the continuous functions on Cech rough closure space and its properties. From these, we evolve a Cech nano topological space that satisfies the topological axioms on infinite universe.


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Rough sets, Cech rough closure operators, Cech rough continuity, Cech nano topological spaces