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Center for Cybersecurity and Data Intelligence Blog


Let’s face it, cybersecurity isn’t going to get any easier in 2018. As long as there is a financial or geo-political incentive, the threats will keep coming and the level of exploit sophistication will keep rising. Winning this battle truly requires a change in our approach. If you have been scanning the popular media or reading our professional publications, you’ll notice that the attack vectors are shifting from technical exploits to human vulnerabilities. Like most businesses, even the bad guys are striving to be more efficient, and it is very cost-effective to socially-engineer a way into your system rather than deploying a technical exploit. Thus, in addition to maintaining our technical vigilance, we now must strengthen our cybersecurity awareness training just to keep up with the bad guys. Cybersecurity “human factors” is an area that many organizations are not fully prepared to do effectively.

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