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The principle of federalism and the national government's evolving relationship with the states has created many challenging moments over the course of American history. As the 21st century begins to unfold, however, the decline of this political balance has the potential to generate even greater challenges with far-reaching implications. From the closing battle of the Revolutionary War to the Gun-Free School Zones Act, this article charts the evolution of this intricate national relationship with a view toward better understanding of the rise of the homogenous political culture and the ways such a phenomenon might be reversed.


Jason A. Crook is a J.D. Candidate, University of Mississippi, 2009. B.B.A., B.A., Middle Tennessee State University, 2006. Mr. Crook is a former Staff Aide to the Honorable Bart Gordon, Chairman of the House Committee on Science and Technology, and the author of From the Civil War to the War on Terror: The Evolution and Application of the State Secrets Privilege and Corporate-Sovereign Symbiosis: Wilson v. ImageSat International, Shareholders' Actions. and the Dualistic Nature of State-Owned Corporations.

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