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The Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act, passed in 1972, was designed to provide consumers with statewide protection against marketplace abuses. By declaring suppliers' deceptive or unconscionable practices in connection with consumer transactions to be illegal, the 1972 Act was designed to promote fair bargaining in the marketplace. The passage of five years has demonstrated the inadequacy of this law in achieving its intended legislative purpose. In testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee on March 15, 1978, William J. Brown, Ohio Attorney General, expressed his alarm over the "deceptive-unconscionable"' clause description in the 1972 Act, as reflecting an inadequate enforcement standard for properly policing the unscrupulous supplier. …

The Ohio Legislature responded to this call for consumer protection by enacting House Bill 6816 to cure the deficiencies in the 1972 Act. H.B. 681 widens the field of unlawful business methods to include a prohibition against unfair supplier acts or practices.

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