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This section of notes on selected Ohio legislation continues the practice, begun in Volume 4 of the University of Dayton Law Review, of providing brief analyses of certain recent enactments by the Ohio General Assembly. The number of bills analysed in this issue has been significantly increased from the preceding year, and the range of affected areas of law addressed by the analyses has been significantly broadened.

Each note summarizes the state of the law prior to the effective date of the legislation considered, and focuses on the intended or anticipated impact of the new statute. Many of the notes also consider special problems, such as the potential for unanticipated applications, or interpretive difficulties that may arise from the language of the bill.

The University of Dayton Law Review extends its sincere appreciation to the officers and staff of the Ohio Legislative Service Commission, whose assistance has proven invaluable in the continuation of the project, and to the members of the legislature, legislative staff, and legislative advocates who provided background material and suggestions to individual authors of these notes.

The following bills are analysed in this issue:

  • H.B. 835: Ohio's Response to The Domestic Violence Dilemma
  • H.B. 1168: The Burden of Proving An Affirmative Defense
  • H.B. 674: Ohio Opts Out of the Federal Bankruptcy Exemptions and Revises Its Exemption Laws
  • H.B. 154: Ohio Creates Renewable Energy Resource Tax Incentives and Solar Access Easements
  • H.B. 248: Service to Persons outside of Ohio in Divorce, Annulment, and Alimony Actions
  • H.B. 156: Achieving Uniform Utility Rate Schedules for Municipalities
  • H.B. 600: Ohio's Bill of Rights for Nursing Home Patients
  • H.B. 565: Criminal Procedures Affecting the Mentally Ill Offender
  • H.B. 347: Ohio Combines Civil Rights Law with Real Estate Licensee Disciplinary Actions and Continuing Education

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